Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Montana, Part 2

Holland Lake was so charming, we decided Sunday night before we went to bed that we'd stay an extra day. When we woke up, though, to the the wind screaming through the trees and whipping around all over the place, we changed our minds again and decided to move along. But first, an adventure was in order.....

We'd discovered a lodge on the other side of the lake with a cute little dining room, and Jan Michael, Derek and I were keen on paddling to it for a cozy breakfast. Nevermind a lake with white caps and class 2 or 3 rapids - we are intrepid explorers! The best way to describe such a hair-raising, nail-biting trip is to include an excerpt from our official adventure journal as recorded by my husband, so here we go:

"8:30 a.m.: Jan Michael suggests a last canoe of Holland Lake [emphasis, as it would turn out, on last.] Sara [wisely, as it would turn out] says, 'No thank you.' Derek, Jan and Hil launch the canoe. Derek is first on board and is instantly soaked. He continues to take waves in the face while Jan and Hil ponder how to get in the canoe without getting wet. Derek grinds teeth. Heavy oaring, canoe takes on water, all are thankful that gear is in waterproof bag. In the middle of lake, Derek suggests we turn back as he notices we are oaring in place. Canoe comes within an inch of taking on 4 gallons of water every time we crest a wave. Execute awesome turn and get closer to shore. Notice that back of canoe is heavier than front, so aren't able to keep boat straight. Derek suggests Hil bail out to get rid of unnecessary weight, Hil respectfully declines. As we get closer to shore, waves die down, strength returns, and we resume trek to lodge near shoreline. 9:30 a.m.: Arrive at lodge, Hil kisses ground, eat excellent breakfast."

Exhilarated by our near brush with the bottom of Holland Lake, we packed up camp...

...and hit the road again for Fort Benton and the Upper Missouri River.

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