Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another sneak peak

I'm hesitant to post too many pictures of our grand expedition because we're working on a slideshow for the family, and don't want to give away too much before the world premiere. For now, a quick representation of the wind we encountered on Monday morning at Holland Lake:

Aren't the little details that make an experience even more memorable the best? Oh, the stories we have to tell!


derek and sara said...

Oops, I'll back down on my posting of pictures too.

What a great trip, can't wait for the next adventure with you guys!

Amanda P said...

That is unreal! I can't believe that wind. Did you sleep at all?

Lainey said...

At times like this it is really benificial to have one leg shorter than the other.

Jan Michael said...

no amanda, lol we didn't sleep very much... it was pretty loud

Anonymous said...

Wow! In all the 4 summers of camping there we NEVER experienced that wind!
We can hardly wait to hear and see more. LOL, your fans,