Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 things

I've been tagged on Facebook with the task of listing 25 things about me. For some reason, I don't want to list that many things on Facebook, and what's more, I especially don't want to list 25 things about me. I've been so cross and contrary lately that I'm getting tired of myself. But, I'm not tired of my husband, and I always like to think about him, so here we go with 25 things about Jan Michael:

1. Besides Calvin and Hobbes, his favorite comics are Asterix and Obelix, Tin Tin and Donald Duck. I love to hear him laugh out loud while he reads them, and I love that he reads the funniest ones to me.

2. He drinks a ton of milk – at least two gallons a week.

3. And he’s never broken a bone.

4. He’s never had a cavity, either.

5. He’s been skydiving three times, and you would not have to twist him arm get him to try it again.

6. He can’t always remember how old he is. Last year he thought he was 36; he felt better when I reminded him that he was only 32.

7. He paces and paces in a circle around the living and dining room when he talks on the phone.

8. He loves our family fiercely.

9. He has wonderful memories from growing up, and he tells stories from when he was little with such detail that I feel like I was there.

10. He likes to play basketball, but doesn’t like to watch it (because watching makes him wish he could play instead).

11. He's a natural runner. He can take a break for months and then go out and run for miles without thinking twice.

12. He’s very fond of his pillow. It’s the longest, flattest, hardest pillow I’ve ever seen, but he remains loyal to it still.

13. His smile lights up our whole house.

14. He can't stand to see someone else embarrassed.

15. He has incredible hand-eye coordination.

16. He has crazy Rock Band skills. I have fun watching him play.

17. Sometimes he gets a twinkle in his eye and a certain look on his face, and I know that mischief is about to be made.

18. He makes up little songs all the time and the hearing of them makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

19. The more tired he grows, the sillier he becomes.

20. He has a tender heart.

21. When he decides he wants to accomplish something, he will get it done, and no bones about it.

22. He calls taking a nap "resting my eyes."

23. He likes driving in the snow.

24. He says the funniest things in his sleep. One night he said, "My feet are big...But they're not made of wood!"

25. He is easy to love.


The Read family said...

Thanks for sharing Hillary - I think this is a neat twist on the 25 things...and think that I might have to try it myself!

Jenny said...

That was fun to read. I can't imagine you being contrary through.

mames said...

how cute! I hope you do one of yourself! I might have to do 25 things as well :) I got tagged many times too...but ugh...I hate talking about myself!

Amanda P said...

You make me laugh, and that is SUCH a sweet blog entry. The wooden feet thing is what made me laugh, Pinochio.

Mike, Amanda, Dane, and Nora said...

I love how much you love your husband! Thanks for sharing- you brought a tear to my eye but a smile to my face!

Lainey said...

That is such a clever way of getting out of writing about yourself (I do agree that it is painful). Still, I would like to learn more of what makes You tick...

Reading all your points make me think that JM must be as great to live with as my dad is...who is also a funny, sweet man. Keep him.

Anonymous said...

Oh - I loved your list too! Jan Michael was easy to love from a wee baby, he loved to be cuddled and he loved to play peek a boo, and he would giggle the cutest giggle whenever I would pop my head up too soon in the peek a boo game.
I can remember when he came up to me and put his arms around me and told me he would never marry, he would always live with us (his mom & dad)
And he was the first to marry. :)