Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A new day has dawned, yes indeed

At long last, we have sacked our old, crummy camera and replaced it with a new, much better, one. This particular model was recommended to us by a keen-as-mustard wedding photographer we know and love, and so we have high, high hopes for it. We're still learning how to use all of the features, including the red eye eliminator, but we'll get there! AND it came with a tripod, which means we can take pictures of the two of us together at the drop of a hat, which also probably means a lot of pictures like the one below will be appearing on the blog for the next while. Not so exciting to look at, maybe, but exciting for us :)


Amanda P said...

..but we never get tired of seeing a happy couple. :)

Anonymous said...

We never get tired of seeing one of our favorite happy couples!
Your fans,