Saturday, June 07, 2008

Grandma Ruth

Jan Michael's Grandma Ruth passed away early yesterday morning. She was 94. She loved God first and most, and her family second, and that is the best testimony her life could have possibly left. We are grateful for her and her example and love her very much.


wg-theshiner &THEpreciousMISSUS said...

What a wonderful mom she was too! I already miss her - but would never wish her back in her frail worn out painful body. She is in a far better place!
Thanks for posting the pictures of her!
And thanks for you & JM coming to share good memories of mom & dad. It was wonderful for John & me.

Amanda said...

What a sweet life story to tell, one I'm sure you and I wish to share. My regards to JM.

Lainey said...

"Even death has a wonderful mission,
When it robs us of those we love,
It lifts our hears from our surroundings,
To long for that meeting above.
No matter how heavy the burden,
No matter how deep the despair,
Does not heaven seem nearer, and dearer,
To know that our loved ones are there.