Monday, March 24, 2008


On Saturday we had a date at the Museum of Flight. It's really an amazing, amazing place. The pictures here don't come close to doing justice to what we saw and learned. If you've never been, you should go. That's an order.

The picture above and the one below were taken in the Red Barn, which tells the story of Boeing from 1916-1958.

Jan did not volunteer for this shot. I made him do it.
My favorite exhibit of all was the Personal Courage Wing. It's full of planes, memorabilia and history from both World War I and II, and tells personal stories about the people who were involved in fighter aviation. It also highlights the role of women in the wars, which was quite interesting.

A Red Baron plane - Jan learned that he painted his planes red and was of noble blood... hence the name Red Baron.
Charles Lindbergh, alive and kicking :)
This was taken in the Great Gallery, which houses 39 full-size aircraft, and traces the history of the first century of flight. (I'm totally lifting some of these descriptions from the Museum of Flight website, can you tell?)
The Aeroauto! Soar around in the clouds, fold the wings back, and off down the freeway you go! Somehow I doubt that many families in the '60s had one of these :)


Anonymous said...

We agree with you Hilary, The Museum of Flight is really wonderful. Theres so much to see you really need to give yourself most of the day to see it all!!

Joanne & Barry

Amanda said...

Jan Michael looks like a huge 5 year old in that forced it.

Troy & Beth said...

Looks like you're ready to give tours...count us in!!!

Anonymous said...

cool place eh just to see the full size of the planes gives ya an idea of what it takes to get man in the air