Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheery day, cheery me!

Thanks to the organizational prowess of Elaine, a bunch of gals from meeting have been getting together a couple of times a week to walk. I LOVE it because it's good exercise and lovely, wonderful company. Today I met Beth (with Joe & Danny) and Yumna (with Liam & Jaden) and we walked to a really fun playground near Beth's house. I'm quite camera-happy (you couldn't tell, I know) and it was delightful to have such beautiful subjects :)

Hardworking mamas!

The second part of our morning included tea with Elaine and Maxine at Elaine's house. Maxine and Joe are special friends. He calls her Grandma :)

The grand finale was a visit with the goats. This is Fireball.
And this is Cobalt. Such a shy, retiring creature.

And then, because my morning was fraught with so much drudgery, I went shopping. The shoes are just this side of ridiculous, but I can't help it. One of the countless things I appreciate about Jan Michael is his indulgence in my silly whims and his willingness to still be seen with me in public :)


Anonymous said...

DEAR #1#1 preciousdotter in law !!! THIS WAS too CHEEEEERY for me too, at 1101 pm or 1111 pm (?)!!!

yor fan, yor fadder inlaw

Anonymous said...

Oh Hilary - I loved your post! Thanks for the day brightener.
Much love to you!
Your fan, your mom in law

Amanda said...

My six year old is seriously lusting over the over-sized chess game... :)

Mike, Amanda, and Dane said...

Please tell Yumna and her family hello from us! We had the privilege of meeting them while they were here on vacation last year. (One of the greatest perks of living in Vegas is all the visitors we get to meet- like you two!)