Tuesday, February 27, 2018

In the mix

We tend to share only the sight-seeing part of life on the road, which may give the impression that we spend all of our time sitting in old-fashioned soda fountains and wandering around presidential libraries, but no. We do actual work an awful lot, too.

Last fall, after our very long stint in Memphis at FedEx, we were sent to Arkansas. One of the places we tested at was a cement factory.
This was a particularly pleasant job in that we had a huge break the first afternoon, and we used our free time to sit on the banks of this pond in our camping chairs, playing Phase 10 while the sun set. A handful of alligators live here; it would have made my whole week to see them, but the guys at the plant thought they were probably hunkered down in the mud because of the cold. 
We were also given a tour of the plant once the job was finished. This isn't something that's available very often, and we always take the opportunity when we can. Everything is made somehow, and it's fascinating to watch the process, especially with things we don't really think about (ready-mixed concrete, for example). 

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