Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's great to be 3!

The youngest of our wonder nephews had a birthday at the beginning of the month. We'd missed his previous two because we were down south, so being a part of the distinguished guest list was a great treat. There was a particular theme to his celebration; I'll give you three guesses as to what.. ;)
This party was fun for all ages, as you can plainly see :) 
And here is something that makes me smile and smile: G has quite a few uncles (Uncle Jan, Uncle Ryan, Uncle Adam & Uncle Josh) and just two aunts, which means the word uncle is used more often in his little world than the word aunt, which means the word aunt has never really become a part of his vocabulary, which means...he also has an Uncle Bri and an Uncle Hilary :) And so I am auntie to our two older nephews and uncle to our youngest, and I love being both very, very much :)
And something else I love: A group of grown-ups who will gather in their superhero finery just because they know it will make the birthday boy happy. It's great to be 3 indeed :)

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