Saturday, January 16, 2016

Trapped In A Room With A Zombie

Last month, our friends Ken & Lisa announced their plans to take us on a mystery excursion and wondered if we were free January 9th. They were awfully stingy with information and would only tell us to wear comfortable shoes and that we would be indoors.

I tried and tried to guess what in the world was going on, but not once did I think of anything even close to resembling this:  
There were 8 other people who had signed up for the same time slot, and just as the sign says, the 12 of us were locked in a room with a (real, live!) zombie and had 60 minutes in which to follow clues, solve puzzles and find the key in order to unlock the door and get us to safety. 

Every 5 minutes, an alarm would sound and the chain keeping the zombie at bay would be let out 12 inches. By the end of the hour, if we'd not found the key, the chain would be long enough so that he would be able to reach every nook and cranny in the room, and we would be dead. 

We all worked very well together, but in the end, we just weren't quick enough and were...ominous music!... eaten. The whole thing was great fun and we would totally recommend it to anyone who enjoys thinking games and who also doesn't mind a little bit of good, clean fear tossed in for kicks :) 

We also had some time to have pictures taken with our zombie afterwards - he was much kinder and more soft-spoken in real-life as opposed to his snarling, crazed alter-ego :)
I should add that I was cornered twice during the hour and would have been devoured on the spot if not for my heroic husband, who jumped in to distract the zombie, which allowed me to scamper away. Chivalry is not dead yet :) 

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