Saturday, October 03, 2015

Summer rewind

It's fall but it doesn't feel like it (where is the leg warmer weather?!), and so sharing the last week of our summer vacation to the PNW doesn't seem too out of place, even if it is October already.

One of the things that feels hardest about living so far away is missing out on the ordinary, everyday things that I think we probably took for granted when we were just 2 hours up the road. So, we did a lot of sitting on the porch together, and prowling around the garden, and taking naps in each other's company, and feeding the ducks at the park, and having root beers floats downtown. I'm so thankful for who we have to love, and that they love us back, and that small things like watching the Mariners with our 85- year-old grandma and going to story time at the library with our 2- year-old wonder nephew really aren't small at all.

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