Friday, February 06, 2015

Love post #3

Nephews aren't the only ones who grow at the speed of light; nieces do it, too! We were able to spend 2 whole nights with Miss E and her mama & daddy in December, which included bedtime stories, a trip to Taco Bell, lofty attempts at training Lucy the dog to jump like a horse, and a somewhat sleepy viewing of Mulan. On this particular night, she wanted to be twins, so we each wore red dresses with white leggings, identical pairs of Christmas socks and lovely bracelets & necklaces from E's very own collection. She also wanted her hair in a bun, be still my heart. It's good to have little people to love, isn't it? :) 

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Lynn Hasty said...

Hilary!! Thank you so much for stopping in. I think about you! You look lovely! I am really amazed at the amount of caramel corn. LOL.