Friday, August 23, 2013

A pretty pit stop

Snoqualmie Falls is right on the way to Franklin Falls, and not stopping would have forever stamped us as terrible, no good hosts, so we stopped! This place is meant to be shared & shown off :)
Construction has been going on for ages & ages at the falls (a hydroelectric update, I think), and once it's finally finished, we'll be able to hike down and explore the river at the bottom. Did you hear that, Akihiro & Hiromi? This means you'll have to come back so we can hit the trail together! :) 


Akihiro said...

That fall was so big. If it was in Japan, it would be a very famous sightseeing area.
We will definitely come back to hit the trail together. And let’s have a swim in the river. Maybe it's kind of a dangerous though.

Lynn Dylan said...

Oh my, you cannot be stamped as terrible hosts! But what a neat place to stop. I enjoyed reading about your planning job with the Japanese students. My Joseph has always been fascinated with Japan. I am very happy for you that you got to spend time with your friends! What sweet little ones.