Sunday, May 19, 2013

With my head in the clouds

I've spent a good chunk of the month wandering around with the camera pointed up; the sky is like a magnet to my eyes and I can't resist the pull! It's a wonder I haven't ended up in a ditch or something, what with not bothering to pay attention to where I'm putting my feet :) 

And here's a sweet P.S. from our day with Todd, Jenny, A & B at the end of April, all courtesy of Jenny:
Oh, this makes me laugh! I love that we don't need words to know what A thought of of a grown-up messing around on the toys :)

Each time we're together, it becomes clearer and clearer that Miss B and I are cut from the same cloth. I smile just thinking about her!

And this is why it's a good idea to hold tight to some of your favorite things from when you were small :)

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