Saturday, September 01, 2012


I love summer and I love fall; counting the ways is practically impossible, the two are so full of lovely things . And, because September is the perfect mix of the best of both, I love it, too.

So, isn't it fitting that today, on the first day of such a dandy of a month, I looked up and saw this? 
'Ahhhhhhh,' says my happy, contented heart :)

P.S. We spent all day at the fair, and between piggy races and pygmy goats, we exchanged pleasantries with this gentleman:
'Teeheehee,' says my laughing heart :)


Mike Sheppard said...

You may recall the Llama picture I had on my desk in college. My wife does not care for it and won't let me display it at home but a happy Llama always brings a fountain of joy with it wherever it goes.:)

Hilary said...

Mike! I do remember your Llama picture & I'm sorry Kristin has banned it! She must have better taste than either of us :) The one we met at the fair really was a gentleman - he didn't spit at us once!!