Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1989 flashback

When we weren't zooming around San Francisco, we spent a good long time lying around Soren's house in our pajamas, drinking our weight in Sun Drop and Diet Coke, and playing a mountain of board games.

This is what weekends were like when everyone was in Jr. High, and it's what happens now whenever a bunch of us get together. In 30 years, when we're all retired, with grandkids and AARP memberships, we'll be doing the very same thing.

Not everyone is running around today with the same kids they ran around with 25 years ago; we're lucky and we know it.

This is what domination looks like :)

I, for the record, am the worst Clue player ever. If I say it was Professor Plum in the study with the lead pipe, the safe bet would be to guess Miss Scarlett in the kitchen with the rope.

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Amanda said...

Yes, it is such a blessing to have "old" friends that know you so well, and to get together again and pick up where you left off. It's good, too, to strategically place them in wonderful cities to visit. :)