Monday, April 11, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has a safari and a rollercoaster and a place in which to pet goats that sport beards, and so, we like it.
Hippo skulls are very big!
So are gorilla hands!
On my list of seriously fascinating animals, gorillas are at the very top...

For Derek and Sara :)
This is the Tree of Life, which has all manner of creatures carved into its trunk...

And here we have Expedition Everest; whoever decided to design a rollercoaster that whips around in the dark backwards has a good, solid head on his shoulders, for sure. We rode it three times in a row, and then, probably because we're quickly leaving spring chicken-hood behind, we got sick and had to quit :)


Amanda said...

You two are so much fun. If you ever want any company I'll gladly accompany you both! :) Hoping you're well!

mames said...

the tree of life is awesome looking! even without all the carvings it would look amazing out in the middle of a field! glad you are having fun!