Saturday, January 29, 2011

January love, part deux

The hits just keep coming! Again, in no particular order:

- The little Main Street of our little town, twinkly and bright from gold lights strung along awnings and wrapped around light poles
- A re-introduction to Spin at the gym. I cannot tell you how exhilirating it is to feel my heart, almost pounding out of my chest, and to see ponytails flying to the speed of and old Haddaway remix, and to hear the instructor screaming, "Attack it!" and "Finish it!!" It is absolutely worth the sore bottom I have had since the 18th.
- A last minute over-night visit from our older bro, which included a walk to the park for tossing around the football and swinging on the swings:
- A fun Friday night with two very fun friends, including Snickerdoodles and Chai Tea lattes, a fierce game of Taboo and a serious Rock Band jam session
- A Saturday morning date with the precious Miss E, who picked out her own pair of polka-dotted 'cozy pants' to wear, chose "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" because it's her Papa's favorite book, blew bubbles in her milk and allowed her auntie to bundle her to the hilt in order to take a walk down the street to see chickens and roosters
- Being surrounded by this:
- Living under this:
- January 28th, which marked our 17th year of becoming lovebirds. Words can't do this one justice, so I'll quit while I'm ahead, and end with an oldie-but-goodie, circa 1994 :)

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Amanda Perko said...

EVERY one of your posts makes me want to drive over and spend a day in the life of Hil. I love to see how hard you treasure life, & love the "old" photo. :)

xoxo January

PS~ thanks for the new take on January