Friday, October 22, 2010

October inspiration

I'm pleased as punch to be a part of a super fun, super encouraging, super supportive exercise blog, and we'd love to have you come take a peak! It's just a bunch of lovely ladies, all with similar fitness goals, cheering each other on to success and greatness :) If you feel like your motivation is waning and you need a gentle push in the direction of get-up-and-go-because-you-really-can-do-it, please visit!

[ Well, rats. I can't figure out how to put the link in here, and my tech support guy is still at work :) Please use the link to Help *Me* Walk Away the Pounds on the side bar until Jan Michael gets home and is able to show me what to do :) ]

And speaking of motivation, what you see below is another part of what's made it such a treat to lace up my shoes and roll out the door this month. A riotous explosion of beautiful fall color, for sure!

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Amanda Perko said...

If that isn't inspriration, I don't know what it. Still humming on your blog post last, I really appreciated the heart of what you were getting at. I feel like the issue of presenting a picture perfect life on the blog is an issue. However I should tell you that I never once thought of that with your blog.

Your blog is different. Your blog doesn't say to me, "I am wonderful, I have it together...and look at all the amazing things I can do and be" So many blogs I see say this to me and leave me feeling rather not-enough. But your blog never said this to me, not once.

I love the heart of you, Hil.