Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Awesomeness, revisited

I don't expect anyone outside of our family to love these as much as I do, but every time I look at them - and I've lost count at this point - they make me happy. They're plastered all over our house - stuck to the fridge, hanging on the wall, framed on the bookshelf - and since it's been almost a year since they made their debut, I'm posting them again. And besides, I always like to shamelessly plug Derek Pearson Photography, which is, of course, the very best photography business on the planet. If you need family pictures, you know where to go! :)

1 comment:

Amanda Perko said...

Yeah, you guys are awesome personified. Oh, and what I wouldn't do to have a fantastic photographer in the family!!

Thanks for your sweet notes....misery LOVES company. :)