Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eee i eee i oh!

There's a little park near our house; it's full of big trees and beautiful flowers, and it has plenty of grass for running and playing. It also has, and this is my very favorite part, a little barnyard full of wonderful barnyard animals. I spent some time there this afternoon, talking with a sweet calf and some wooly sheep and three sleepy goats, and admiring the patience of a mama pig with her very hungry piggies. I could spend hours in a springtime barn, just like Fern from Charlotte's Web. It makes me happy :)


Carmen said...

How adorable is he/she? I want it!!!!!

Hilary said...

Carmen, that makes me laugh! When Jan Michael and I were there together a couple of weeks ago, I kept saying over and over, "I want one!!" about all of the animals, really. Except this huge turkey that was strutting around hissing at everyone; he was protecting his women, I think :)