Saturday, March 06, 2010

Heigh ho, heigh ho

Today I decided that sunny spring days are the very best for getting things done. In the winter I prefer to stay in the bathtub all day and in the summer I like to spend my time hiking around waterfalls while eating ice cream cones. There seems be something, though, about warm spring Saturdays that make me want to be responsible and accomplish important business. And so this afternoon I mowed the lawn. This is of particular significance because I usually get out the lawn mower for the first time around Memorial Day and then put it away again for the winter in late August. I feel confident in saying, then, that our neighbors have all keeled over from shock; I wish them all a speedy recovery. And while I was slogging through 8 inches of grass on the ground, Jan Michael was high in the sky, engaged in hand to hand combat with the colony of moss that's taken up residence on our roof. Next we'll have to tackle the flower beds, which will take both of us working together and then some, since our fervent hope is that our neighbor won't have to come knocking on our door like she did last summer, weed wacker in hand, politely asking if she might cut down our thistles since they were encroaching on her yard.

I especially like this one because I can see my Jan Michael's shadow on the roof :)

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Jenny said...

congratulations on the productive weekend. Way to go!