Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weight busted!

First of all, this picture has nothing in particular to do with what I have to say just now, but it's my latest favorite, and so onto the blog it goes.
Tonight was the last meeting and weigh-in of the Weight Busters program, which we began so many weeks ago at the end of October. It's been such a good, healthy challenge for both of us, and we're so glad we decided to participate. Jan Michael was the winner - and is now the proud owner of a YMCA water bottle and pedometer, wahooo! :) - and I quite happily screeched across the finish line in 2nd place. As far as percentages are concerned, Jan Michael has lost 12.74% of his body weight, and I've whittled away 7.87%. One of the very best things about the whole deal was meeting some very fine people with similar fitness goals; now we have lots of new friends to chat with at the Y. And just to be sure we keep our exercise momentum chugging along, we've signed up for a 5 week cardio challenge, starting in a day or two. Look out, treadmills, here we come!


Jenny said...

way to go! Congratulations you two.

Sara said...

AWESOME!! Nice job! I knew you guys were going to win. :) Miss you both.