Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry and bright

One of our holiday treats this year was a trip to Seattle to see 'White Christmas' at the 5th Avenue Theater. We began our fun with lunch at Elephant & Castle (thanks, Dad & Mom!) and then meandered down the street for the matinee (thanks again, Dad & Mom!) We laughed & sang along & oohed and ahhed as snow fell over the audience in the final scene. After that, everyone made their way back to our house and we had a slumber party, which involved pizza and gabbing, and lots of cookies & coffee & lying around in our jammies. I love these memory-making family times; they're the very best presents ever.
Adam was with us, too, of course, but is lurking around in the background somewhere. I may have mentioned once or twice that my family can be....pills, for lack of a better word, about having their picture taken. Ryan even suggested that I go on a picture-taking hiatus until he turns 30, which is about 4 years away, and which is also completely preposterous. Sorry, little brother! :)

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