Thursday, November 20, 2008

A whole lotta water

Did you know that Multnomah Falls is one of 77 waterfalls along the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge? Or that at 620 feet, it's the 4th highest falls in the whole country? And that the spray can soak you to the skin if you stand in one place for too long?


Daisy said...

Did you know that even though I claim Georgia as my home state, I spent a lot of summers here in Washington with my Dad's family? And that Yup... I learned that Multnomah Falls was a very sweet place to be on a hot summer day! You didn't have to get in the water to cool off! :) I still haven't been back as an adult, but that's on our list to do this next summer.


Anonymous said...

Stunning photos! Thanks so much for sharing.
Reminds me of our trips when the boys were young.
Ah memories - wonderful things
Much love, Gayle & John

Lainey said...

Splendid looking couple in a beautiful setting! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I totally want to go now.

parlamipiano said...

Bellissime foto, bellissima natura!