Sunday, September 14, 2008

A hiking we will go

We've had the nicest weather this month, perfect for roaming around outside, and Jan Michael knew of a fun little hike to a waterfall, so off we went.


Daisy said...

Such a gorgeous spot! Matt saw the log, and his first thought... 'Wonder if I could do that on my bike?' :p
Have you hiked down to Snoqualmie Falls? That's one path I can't wait to try.

Anonymous said...

Wow - how beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Love -

Sara said...

Oh so pretty! Where is that? We must get together soon!!!

Jan Michael said...

Hi Charity,

yes, we've been to snoqualmie a number of times, i was actually turned to franklin falls by a co-worker that used to own a cabin out there... it's a different walk than snoqualmie, so i figured we should try it out... it's very easy, way easier than snoqualmie's and it's a little more private. i recommend it highly.