Sunday, April 13, 2008

Darling, darling, darling

Caleb & Jen spent the evening with us last night, and besides bringing pizza, they brought....

Denekew. (Their other little ones, Ocean & Jag, were spending the night with their grandparents.) He is so cute and roly-poly and jolly, I can hardly stand it. We're quite smitten with him; it's hard not to be :)

I also met Jen and the kids for lunch on Friday. Ocean & Jag aren't used to seeing Jan or I without the other, and as we were leaving the restaurant, Ocean asked his mom, "Where is the him of her?" Hahahahaha :)


Amanda said...

It's fabulous to be one of two, what a sweet thing to say. Kids have the best way of saying things. Oh yeah...that is one cute baby!

wg-theshiner &THEpreciousMISSUS said...

What a precious child, and what a great comment that was. I will have to remember that one!
Thanks for sharing.
Your fans