Sunday, February 03, 2008

Company for us!

On Saturday Troy and Beth traveled over hill and dale, all the way out to the boondocks, to spend the evening with us. In addition to their own delightful company, they brought two charming boys and a very fun game. They were even gracious enough to pronounce my smashed cauliflower (an alternative to mashed potatoes, because we're so concerned with being healthy around here) edible. We had such fun we're insisting they come back. Soon!
I'm never able to resist a handsome baby :)
The Slinky flies!
Joe had a grand time climbing and bouncing all over the couch cushions. I tried it myself while everyone else was downstairs and understand why he liked it so well :)
50 different colors and the longest eyelashes ever
"Hey, there's a rainbow on my hand!"
We're such fans of board games, and this was a good one!
Happy, beautiful family :) We're thankful you came!


Troy & Beth said...

THANK YOU for the lovely time!!! Did any of Joe's pictures turn out? *grin Oh and the cauliflor was definitely edible!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like a great time - such cute boys too!
Gayle & John

Lainey said...

Yeah, those boys are enough to put a smile on anybody's face. Looks like you had a real fine time together!

jen martin said...

Oh, man...those kiddos are cutie-patooties!!! :o) It seems that you had a grand time!! :) Thanks for sharing!